Black technology! Machine more and more like human "robot" will eventually die of human beings?
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Black technology! Machine more and more like human "robot" will eventually die of human beings?

Look where the wind of Artificial Intelligence blows In the past year, artificial intelligence became the hottest keyword in the Internet industry. At the just-concluded Fourth World Internet Conferen
Look where the wind of Artificial Intelligence blows
In the past year, artificial intelligence became the hottest keyword in the Internet industry. At the just-concluded Fourth World Internet Conference, unmanned supermarkets, autonomous driving, guided robots, urban brains ... these most eye-catching "black techs" are in fact AI's projections in all areas - -
Machine observation of the world, the law of machine learning, computing power to enhance the establishment of neural network made possible, the emergence of massive data let people have "chips" training neural network, artificial intelligence thus become really clever and usable. CCID Consulting, a market research institute, estimates that the global market for artificial intelligence will reach 269.73 billion yuan by 2018, an increase of 17%.
"As a technology that changes the world, artificial intelligence has come to the 'critical point' of moving from laboratory to real production environment and daily life," said Liu Song, vice president of Alibaba Group.
Combing the technological development of the past year, out of the laboratory, how artificial intelligence has brought changes in people's lives? With artificial intelligence into the practical, it is robbed or created a job opportunity? In the future, artificial intelligence and Which direction will blow?
Machines are more and more like people
"Is it raining today?" "What restaurant is nearby?" The audience raised various questions and the answers were displayed on the screen, but not by speech recognition, but by judging the actions of the lips to determine what the audience said. Sogou this industry's first non-specific Chinese lip language recognition system brought to this year's World Internet Conference.
As with this lip recognition system, changing the way people interact with machines becomes a "breakthrough" in AI applications. Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan said: "We initially use the keyboard, and later with the mouse, and later with the touch screen, and now with voice, gestures, facial expressions, artificial intelligence makes the machine began to adapt to people, not people to adapt to the machine In other words, as the chairman of Alibaba Group Chairman Jack Ma said, the machines are more and more people.
From this perspective, the giants' enthusiasm for artificial intelligence lies in the fact that artificial intelligence reduces the difficulty of human-machine interaction. With the demographic dividend ended, the competition in the Internet entered the second half. The lowering of the threshold of interaction meant that Including children, the elderly and other groups into new users.
Smart speaker product is based on this popular logic. Baidu, Alibaba, millet, IETF have joined the smart speaker battle. Che Sheng Mobile CEO Fu Sheng said: "take our Xiaoya speakers, no more intelligent, but it is easy to use, children will not type, you can also communicate with it, tell me directly what story to listen to." Liu Song also said: "Compared with the keyboard, the phone touch-screen easy to operate, allowing users to increase the size of dozens of times, artificial intelligence brings a new generation of interaction, as long as able to speak, you can communicate with the machine, this interaction More inclusive. "
Changes in the way of interaction also means that artificial intelligence connects people and information more efficiently. Fu Sheng said that artificial intelligence is the most prominent feature of the connection era. "Just as cars enhance the efficiency of travel, artificial intelligence is also enabling more people to find the information they need more easily." Shen Xiang Yang, executive vice president of Microsoft Global told reporters: "Conversational computing is the next great change in the field of computing, it combines the power of human language and machine learning intelligence can be used in all areas of human-computer interaction. We look forward to the artificial Smart conversations become a new way for people to discover and access information and get things done. "
"Smashing rice bowl" or "making rice bowl"
When the machines are more and more human, able to do human work, does this mean that they will take away human jobs?
The voice from the Internet industry is relatively optimistic. A common view is that the impact of artificial intelligence on employment is taking place. However, the main reason being replaced is repetitive work, and artificial intelligence will also bring new positions so that human beings can do more Creative work.
Wang Min, deputy director of the Academic Committee of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, is quite representative: "For the future, I see more opportunities. Many occupations have been replaced by artificial intelligence, and people are free to spend more time doing creative things or creatively This will bring more possibilities to designers and artists. "
Fu Sheng told reporters that Cheetah Mobile had previously engaged in R & D in the Bay Area, but because of the time difference problem is not successful, "artificial intelligence is a systematic technology, you have to find Scene involving various levels of landing. Devoting great efforts to bring overseas talent into China is reasonable, but the core or China to train themselves. "
At present, competition for AI talent is almost white-hot, and the "gap" is equally clear. Third-party data shows that in the past year, the demand for artificial intelligence personnel nearly tripled. In the third quarter of this year, the demand for artificial intelligence personnel increased by as much as 179% over the same period of last year. Dong Zhenjiang, vice president of ZTE Research Institute, admits: "It is very difficult to recruit people this year. In the field of artificial intelligence, everyone is trying to grab people and remuneration is repeatedly added."
The "gap" comes from two aspects. On the one hand, the artificial intelligence talents mainly come from the related industries; the output of talent has not yet come into being in colleges and universities. The stock talents mainly come from the enterprises' own training and related industries such as the Internet and telecommunications. From the pay point of view, the monthly salary of 25,000 yuan to 35,000 yuan maximum recruitment gap, which shows the artificial intelligence in the high-end jobs of the market priceless. Min Miles, the chief scientist of Ali Cloud Artificial Intelligence, has said that in the past year he has received more than 700 e-mails from headhunters.
"At present, the artificial intelligence personnel training is still lagging behind, and it will take quite a long time to fill the gap," said Ma Shaoping, vice chairman of the Chinese Society for Artificial Intelligence.
Commercial "landing" the most important
Recently, in an equipment manufacturing and machinery special job fair held in Zhejiang, Alibaba appeared unexpectedly. But this time they are not recruiting programmers, but "workers with 10 years experience in the old master." Ernst & Young staff at the recruitment site Ernst & Young told reporters that the specific job of this recruitment is "ET brain trainer", Aliyun artificial intelligence for industrial production, workers need to master the programmers were taught experience to help them across Industry threshold.
"At this stage, artificial intelligence is slowly moving from stage 1.0 of big data learning to stage 2.0 where people can interact with each other, and to get to stage 3.0, more vertical technologies and knowledge maps are needed." Alibaba's Artificial Intelligence Experiment Room director Chen Lijuan said.
The next step in the development of artificial intelligence is "how to use it." Google recently held a sharing session in the Asia Pacific region, the theme is "Made With AI" (artificial intelligence), compared to technology In itself, the same is more concerned about the application of technology sinking direction.
On the consumer side, AI sinking is closely related to precision. Zhang Chaoyang, Chairman of Sohu's Board of Directors, said that an important direction for the development of artificial intelligence is a deep understanding of user portraits. Fu Sheng also said: "Artificial intelligence can take different measures for everyone, which was previously unimaginable.Now, everyone's mind, preferences, characteristics, habits can be a super brain analysis."
In the industry side, the close combination with the vertical industry is the industry optimistic direction, Alibaba recruiting workers and teachers is the epitome of this combination. "We saw the recent manifestation of artificial intelligence in business value. In the next three to five years, artificial intelligence in vertical areas will be developed and vertical industry applications will require more artificial intelligence, including e-commerce, transportation and healthcare. "Liu Song said.
Liu Gang, vice president of China's new generation of artificial intelligence development strategy research institute, said the technology and commercialization scene must be closely integrated. "Many artificial intelligence companies have technology, but no commercial scene, many traditional large enterprises have a wealth of scenarios, but they do not have the corresponding artificial intelligence technology, this embarrassment to a certain extent, impeded the artificial intelligence of the commercialization process. "