2017 Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies and Catering Exhibition a complete success!
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2017 Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies and Catering Exhibition a complete success!

Hosted by Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd., "2017 Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies and Catering Exhibition" (hereinafter referred to as HOTELEX Guangzhou Exhibition) supported b
Hosted by Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd., "2017 Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies and Catering Exhibition" (hereinafter referred to as HOTELEX Guangzhou Exhibition) supported by China Tourism Hotels Association, World Chinese Restaurant Federation, Guangdong Hotel Industry Association and Guangzhou Trade Promotion Committee ) Came to a close at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Exhibition Hall on December 12-14, 2017. This exhibition lasted for 3 days, presenting 11 major industry forums, bringing together 400 quality exhibitors from across the country and 37868 professional visitors. The exhibition covers an area of ​​50,000 square meters and has nearly 10 international industry events, seven forums and thousands of authoritative forums High-quality exhibits. Covers hotel dining, high-end food, coffee and tea, baking and ice cream and other categories, more free food interactive experience, tease your taste buds. In this event called the annual hotel catering industry in southern China's grand ceremony stage, staged a set of international competitions, professional exhibitions, forums and other highlights of the wonderful multi-play. HOTELEX third wave south, once again for the hotel restaurant industry in southern China's vigorous development has made an immeasurable role in promoting.
December 10, 2017 17:00, 2017 Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies and Catering Exhibition Press Conference and World Coffee Baking Contest welcome dinner held in the ballroom on the 3rd floor of Langham Place, Guangzhou. The event attracted many media outlets including Netease, Sina, Tencent, Youku, Sohu, Sohu Thousand-Sail Live, Fenghuang Wang, today's headlines, the Central Broadcasting Network, Iqiyi, a live broadcast, Guangdong TV, Huaxia Voice broadcast, Go to the report. The dinner invited contestants from 21 countries and regions in the 2017 World Coffee Baking Contest, judges, and many other industries such as top WCE exhibitors and brand exhibitors. General manager of Shanghai Bohua International Co., Ltd. Zhang Xueqiang, General Manager of Giesen China Martin Li, Chairman of Wangli Coffee Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Wang Chuzen, CEO of Chih-Shang Trading Co., Ltd. Jason Woo, ) Trade Co., Ltd. Chen Yiwen, director of marketing WCE Creative Director Amy Ball, Ye Weiwei 2017 World Coffee Baking Contest contestant, judges Wu Yuanzheng and other guests were all present.
On December 12, at 9:30 am, the grand opening ceremony was held at the Corridor of Hall 1-2, Poly World Trade Expo Center. Xu Jingsheng, Secretary General of China Tourism Hotels Association, and Wu Li, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of World Chinese Restaurant Federation, Managing Director of World Coffee Events Cindy Ludviksen, President of Guangzhou Hotel Industry Association Zhang Tian, ​​Vice Chairman of Guangzhou Trade Promotion Committee Xie Weihua, Vice President of UBM Co., Ltd. Wolfram Diener, Founder and Executive Director of Shanghai UBM Co., Ltd. Mr. Wang Mingliang participated in this Opening ceremony and ribbon cutting, ribbon-cutting ceremony in a warm and happy atmosphere smoothly, and finally, Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. General Manager Zhang Xuejiang announced the "2017 Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies and Catering Exhibition" officially began.
South China hotel supplies, high-end food procurement platform
Since the first exhibition in December 2015, HOTELEX Guangzhou has been continuously expanding its business scale for three years in a row. Its exhibits range from single hotel supplies and high-end food to coffee and tea, food and beverage, catering equipment, baking and ice cream, wine and spirits 11 theme exhibits, such as wine, cooking ingredients, tableware, hotel linen and textile products, room appliances and supplies, hotel IT and security equipment and franchising, have gradually developed into a high-end hotel and catering industry chain that radiates southern China. Innovation, leading the hotel food and beverage development direction of the vane exhibition for the majority of hotel catering industry to provide a comprehensive range of mid-range and high-end products, so that the supply and demand of the industry in HOTELEX Guangzhou show fully explained.
This exhibition in terms of both the size of the show or the number of buyers hit a record high, the museum highlights new, classic brand after another. Many exhibitors said in an interview at the scene that, through the highly integrated industry exchange platform of HOTELEX professionalism and participation, the Company passed the remarkable brand image and quality of service in a large number of viewers and exhibitors, bringing remarkable market to the company Promotion effect and more cooperation opportunities.
Hall 1 to the best, most complete, the most professional catering equipment, auxiliary equipment, hotel supplies, leading the future of hotel supplies and catering equipment trends. Panlang Information, Guangzhou Yusheng information, Yangzhou Kay to Changzhou Jiao Mu, Yangzhou Zhongcheng, UNOX, WMF, Shanghai wine total, Zhiming Industry, Shanghai Green, Guxing, Huasheng, Qingdao South Korea Niobium, Pentair and other brands have settled, high-quality exhibits a dazzling array.
Hall 2, together with a number of trendy tea, fruit juice raw materials, packaging and other suppliers to cover the entire South China drink supply chain. Site gathered Kunshan Live, Fuzhou to help Lee, Shanghai Chengyu, Zhejiang Xintiandi, Shanghai and other deep calendar trades industry quality exhibitors for many years.
Hall 3 is a luxury feast for the top brands in the industry. It focuses on high-end food and beverage segments such as high-end food, raw materials and semi-finished products, ice cream raw materials and equipment, and refrigeration equipment. Kabiyanni, Shenzhen Haichuan, Qingdao benefits up, Nanjing Ice strange, Xingqi refrigeration, ice Cheung refrigeration, snow-resistant refrigeration, drinking Jian and other brands together, high-end food numerous.
Hall 4 brings together refined coffee roasting equipment, coffee machine equipment, Shengju, well-known green bean brands and manufacturers to create a refined experience for the audience and exhibitors. There are coffee equipment and coffee roasting equipment from NUOVA SIMONELLI in Italy, CONTI in France and MELITTA in Germany; coffee machines such as LOVERAMICS in Hong Kong, Japan, HARIO in Japan and ISI in Austria; GIESEN in Netherlands, PROBAT in Germany and DIEDRICH in USA Coffee roasting equipment; raw materials from the United States such as GHIRARDELLI, France MONIN and ANCHOR New Zealand; and coffee beans from green bean producing areas in Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Central America, Australia and the United States. Practitioners' event.
017 Chain Franchising in Guangzhou closely linked to the trend of the times, carefully selected nowadays the most representative of the tea and the hot chain brand. Rico, Kurotaki Church, Fengcha, happy sweet potato, my white, wish tea, Kam tea, card C Connaught, peach pear flowers, tea, teas and other food chains and tea chain brand is located 3, Hall 4 outside the cafeteria coffee food festival cum Guangzhou food chain brand zone, through the brand display, forum interaction, free experience and other means to join the investors can quickly understand the brand strength.